The Swedish Stance on Renewable Energy

The Swedish Stance on Renewable Energy

Sweden is one of few countries that has a very positive stance on renewable energy and that is actually doing something about it and not just talking. In Sweden, it is estimated that around 52% of the energy that is used is actually renewable energy that is coming from various sources like wind turbines. Some people are calling Sweden the greenest functioning country because of the large number of green households

Energy Efficient Households

If you take a closer look at some of the households in Sweden, you will see that they are living under some different conditions and they are completely fine. That is because they usually focus on having homes that are energy efficient, which means that they are trying to save power on everything as much as they can. Even doing the smaller things will change a lot, some of the changes that they have made are little things such as replacing some windows, using a more efficient heating system that will burn up energy much slower and produce more heat or even just replace the light bulbs to the energy saving ones.

Of course, there are homes that are going even further and they are installing all kinds of energy saving equipment like solar panels which can be a little expensive at firs. However, in the long run, they are actually money and energy savers because after the first 2 years you will save the money that you have paid the panels.

Hydro and Wind Power

These two sources of renewable energy are the most used in Sweden. The hydro power is far more used somewhere around 90% of the entire renewable energy is coming from the power of water that is carefully collected. They are focusing now more on the wind power and they have started to build more and more wind turbines that will power even more % of Sweden. There are certain laws in Sweden that are very strict when it comes to energy saving, that’s why they are taking it so seriously. In the near future, we can expect more and more electric cars that are saving both the air and power.