Gambling in Sweden is completely legal if you are over 18. However, in some casinos, you have to be over 20 to be able to enter and play the games. The Swedish government is openly supporting some of the projects that famous casinos have been doing lately like the transferring of the entire building to a renewable source of energy.

That transfer will allow them to save up a lot of money and also the same time lower their taxes that they would otherwise need to pay. Overall, the idea to use renewable energy is very smart and beneficial to everyone.



About us

We are an agency that is essentially focusing on monitoring the application of the law on some gambling places and the construction of casinos. We like to think that there must be some type of supervision over these kinds of businesses because otherwise, they would have complete freedom to do whatever they want.

Sometimes even the law can mysteriously change for some unknown reason and we want to be there to prevent those things from happening. Also, we want to make sure that every gambling organization and construction of them is being done regularly without any law bending.



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